Holiday season is here. The perfect time to plan a day trip. Did you know that Sealcentre Pieterburen has been awarded the second best place to visit in the province of Groningen in 2022? And because it's the holidays, we organize extra activities in our visitor centre every day. For all ages! Are you in?

Activities during the holidays

We want to make your visit super fun and educational during the holidays. That's why we organize extra activities every day! Watch, learn and join us at the Seal Center.

Tussen 11:00 en 12:00 uur – Voederpresentatie
13:30 uur – Rondleiding (betaald)
14:30 uur – Endoscopie
Tussen 15:00 en 16:00 uur – Voederpresentatie

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Did you know...

that with a combiticket you can also visit DoeZoo Leens?

Shows and presentations

Become a Seal Guard: observe and learn how a seal guard works!

DIZkoffer show: The Dizkoffer is a suitcase filled with a skull, whiskers and even a piece of sealskin. You can see and touch everything!

Feeding presentation: Watch our nurses feed the seals.

Endoscopy: Together, we remove a fish hook using an endoscope. A small camera that allows us to look inside the seal. 

Test your knowledge and participate in one of our quizzes!

Become seal expert: Learn all about seals and the rehabilitation and get your certificate.

The Seal Quiz: can you recognize the two types of seals that live in the Netherlands? After this quiz, yes!

The Pup Quiz:  Compete with others and find out who knows the most about seals.

Become Dollard expert: Look through the eyes of a scientist and become a Dollard expert for a day. You will get an insight into how Photo Identification works and what a day in the field looks like. 

In our exhibition

Virtual Reality experience: with the VR glasses on, you suddenly find yourself amongst the seal mothers and seal pups. Experience your own influence on nature and learn what to do and what not to do when you see a pup on the beach.

On the Wadden Sea

Are you going to explore the Waden Sea and spot some seals? Along the way, you will receive an explanation about this special nature area that has the World Heritage status for a reason. Check the agenda to see which days we sail out. 

Report a seal. Seen a seal in need? Call 144 (24 hours a day available) Read more.