Our work is incredibly special. No two days at the Sealcentre are the same. Would you like to experience what it is like to be a seal carer? Then book a seal carer for one day and join us!

Help mee zeehonden verzorgen


Dit arrangement kunnen we alleen op afspraak aanbieden. We plannen namelijk speciaal voor jou een extra zeehondenverzorger in om je gedurende de dag te begeleiden. “Omdat er grote interesse is voor de arrangement en er veel tijd zit in het plannen van zo’n dag hebben wij een wachtlijst. Mochten er vragen zijn mag je ons altijd een mail sturen op Onderaan deze pagina kun je je aanmelden voor de wachtlijst.”

No stuffed toys

The animals at our centre are ill or injured, but remain wild animals. That's why we work with strict protocols. This means the seals cannot be hugged or petted.

Seals also bite hard; the seal is the largest predator in the Netherlands. A seal bite is also dangerous because of the bacteria they carry in their mouths. This is why there are strict safety requirements and guidelines for working with the animals and why this arrangement has a minimum age of 12 years.

What are you going to do?

Start of the day

As a seal nurse, your day starts early. At 7:00 am, you will all gather together to go over the day, discuss details from yesterday and check which enclosures you will be helping in. And then it's time to change into scrubs and roll up your sleeves!

The feedings

You will help with the feedings at 3 times*:


The 07:00 feeding is the most extensive. This is because this is also when the enclosures need to be cleaned properly. Seals can make a big mess!

*The times are an indication. When you work with animals, unexpected things can always happen and times may vary.


Between feeding times, there is of course time for a break. Then you can have a cup of coffee or tea and catch up with the other seal nurses and volunteers. Many of the Sealcentre staff come from abroad, so we actually talk mostly in English.

Other tasks

Other work varies from day to day. Sometimes animals need to be moved or weighed. Sometimes something needs to be done in our fish kitchen. You also help prepare food for the next feeding times.

End of day

Between 15:00 and 16:00 the day ends. Time to have a chat with your colleague for the day and receive your seal nurse certificate! And of course to have a last look at the animals you looked after today.

  • "It was SO cool to spend a day in seal care and learn how things work behind the scenes. There is much more to it than I had thought beforehand, it was very instructive. It is incredibly special to be able to be a part of this for a while and to contribute to these beautiful animals being able to return to the Wadden Sea."

The arrangement

A day working as a seal nurse costs €275 per person, this includes:

- Welcome with coffee/tea
- Guidance and explanation
- Working under the supervision of an experienced seal nurse
- Use of company clothing and footwear
– Lunch
- Seal nurse certificate
- Nice round-up of the day

Setting the date

You can only join us for a day if there are enough seals to be taken care of. When you come to help out for a day, the date will always be chosen in consultation. Your preferred date will be discussed with the seal care team and, if possible, scheduled. You will then receive confirmation and further information.


Would you like to join us for a day? Send an e-mail to or fill in the application form.

Report a seal. Seen a seal in need? Call 144 (24 hours a day available) Read more.