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Seal releases

No seal stays permanently in the Sealcentre. Once they recovered, we take the animals to where they belong: the Wadden Sea. An unforgettable experience.

Releasing seals is one of the most beautiful moments of our work. After months of recovery, the animals are finally ready to return to their home: the Wadden Sea. It is very special to see how a seal comes out of the release box and carefully explores the environment. One waits quietly, the other shoots like a spear into the water. Every release is unique and unforgettable. And you can be there!

Would you like to release a seal? Book tickets!

When the seals have sufficiently strengthened or recovered, the vets determine when they can be released again.

Seal releases

Ticket prices for releases

Adults: €75
Children (under 12 years): €65

All ages are welcome on our boat. Yet, there are some things good to know:

  • It is not possible to take a pram on board. Would you like to take your baby with you on the release? Then, we recommend using a baby carrier.
  • The boat is accessible to people with diablities. Just keep in mind that it is not possible to reach the sandbank with a wheelchair. You will then stay on board to watch the release from the water.

Time and programme of the release

We leave by boat from the harbor of Lauwersoog. From there, we sail to a sandbank in the sea.

The time when the boat leaves, depends on the tide. Sometimes, we leave in the morning, other times in the evening. On average, a release lasts three hours. This depends on weather conditions and how quickly the seals move into the sea. In good weather, there is also time to take a short walk on the sandbank.

Ga mee zeehonden vrijlaten

Food and drinks on board

On board, we have coffee and tea and a cup of orange juice for the children. But you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks. Please note that there is no room for a full picnic on the boat. If you forgot your food, there is also something for small appetite available on the boat free of charge.  

Ordering tickets

  1. Choose the date you want to go (blue square)
  2. Click on "Releasing seals" (Please note: do not click on 'entrance tickets', these are tickets for a visit to the Sealcentre).
  3. Choose Boat trip with seals and add them to your shopping cart
    Please note: if it is not possible to select tickets, the tour is unfortunately sold out.
  4. Click on "complete order".
  5. You will receive your tickets by email after completing your payment.

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