From 16 July 2022, you can immerse yourself in Sealcentre Pieterburen in a special world full of stories about the sometimes loving and sometimes turbulent relationship between people and the world of sea and coastal nature. De Kraak, a mythical giant octopus, takes you on a journey through an abstract shell landscape, past 10 different animation films. This art project is an initiative of production house Spinbarg. These animation films tell funny, touching and sometimes exciting stories about special encounters between humans and underwater creatures. They can teach us something about how we as humans can interact with the sea, the Wadden Sea and the coast.

When you crawl into the Kraak its shells, you imagine for a moment that you are in the underwater world of the Wadden Sea. You are surrounded by underwater sounds. If you sit down on one of the stools, you can watch fairytale-like sea stories on pearly screens. In this environment, you are automatically made to think about how we as humans are connected with the nature of the Wadden Sea.

De Kraak Zeehond


This special installation full of underwater stories fits in very well with Sealcentre Pieterburen. In the centre, the emphasis is increasingly on learning together about the relationship between us as humans, and the animals and plants of the Wadden Sea. You could see the seal as an icon of the Wadden Sea. Knowing how the seals in the Wadden Sea are doing also tells us a lot about how the entire Wadden Sea region is doing. This doesn’t only say something about the Wadden Sea nature, but also about ourselves. A healthy Wadden Sea region is also good for our own health. After all, as human beings we are dependent on the health of the nature around us. Taking good care of the Wadden Sea region also means taking good care of ourselves.

The seal can help us with that. At the Sealcentre, we therefore not only care for seals in need, but we also listen to the story that the seal tells us about the Wadden Sea. We ensure that seals can continue to live in their natural habitat the Wadden Sea and we research how the seals are doing. As a result, we learn every day in Pieterburen, together with researchers, seal nurses and all the people who come to visit, about the seal, about the Wadden Sea and about ourselves.


A little impression

Would you like to know how the Kraak will look like? Find below a selection from the artistic assortment of this extraordinary art project.

ID Bûzehappertartwork02 kleinSirens filmstill 01


Do you want to explore what you can contribute to this story? And what old tales can teach you? Visit Pieterburen this summer and let De Kraak surprise you. De Kraak can be seen from July 16 to September 18, 2022.