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Visitor centre

Every day, a dedicated team of vets, seal nurses and volunteers from all over the world care for seals in need. During your visit, you will meet them and watch their daily work. Did you already know that by visiting, you support our work?

Our work

During your visit, you will get a unique behind-the-scenes look at the sealcare. Walk around and learn all about how seals are taken in, cared for and released again. Besides our colleagues from the visitor centre, you will also meet seal guards, seal nurses, vets and, of course, volunteers from all over the world. Ask your questions directly to them. They would love to answer them.

Daily activities

Besides visiting the seals, we also organise all kinds of activities at the visitor centre. This depends on the season. Click on the button below to see what activities are available.

What seals can be seen in the hospital?

The Netherlands is home to two seal species: the common seal and the grey seal. Both species get rehabilitated at the Sealcentre. The welfare of the animals always comes first. Therefore, we never keep a seal in centre (longer) to have more animals on display for our visitors. This means that the number of seals staying in the centre can fluctuate and it is sometimes quiet in the centre.


The seals at the centre are divided into three phases. Their condition determines which phase they are in. Can they already eat by themselves, or do they still need help? And what about medication? Through the windows of the intensive care, you can watch our team take care of the most vulnerable seals. In phase 2, the seals can eat almost completely on their own and in phase 3 they swim through the water at tremendous speeds. Come visit and find out for yourself!

VR experience

Do you know what to do when you encounter a seal in the wild? With VR glasses on, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a colony of seal mothers and pups. Experience your own influence on nature and learn what to do when you see a pup lying on the beach.

Wadden playground

At the back of our premises is the Wadden playground. This is a playground where you can climb from island to island using ropes. Don't forget to take off your shoes as they might get dirty! Play in the water or pull a net through it to see what actually lives in it. Finished playing around? There is also a place to rinse yourself off again.