Update: More than €14,000 has now been donated, with which the Sealcentre can purchase a new blood analysis machine. To be exact; the total now amounts to € 14,173.64. With the extra money we are also able to order the needed extra materials for the machine. Thank you on behalf of all caretakers and veterinarians for all donations! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Read below more about why the Sealcentre uses the blood analysis machine and why this fundraising was initiated.

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it's time for #GivingTuesday. A day on which 'we give'. We could really use your help, will you join #GivingTuesday?

The Sealcentre is in need of a new blood analysis machine in order to continu the care of the seals in a proper way. Every day we check the seals under our care and regularly we use blood samples to determine how their recovery is going. Particularly in the first critical weeks it is an important tool. With the roughly 300 seals we rescue every year, this means we do blood analysis every day of the year; on average two times per day. Sadly, the one we currently have is quite old and going out of service. The cost of a new one sums up to €14.000. For the Sealcentre that is a high amount. Therefore we can use every support we can get. Do you want to join #GivingTuesday and support this specific goal? 

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From every seal that comes to the centre we take a blood sample. This sample goes into the blood analysis machine. The blood analysis machine is a vital instrument to make a good diagnosis of each seal. It helps us to determine the treatment which is needed for each individual seal. Unfortunately, the one we currently have is going out of service. This means it can no longer get qualified maintenance and the materials we need to use the blood analysis machine will no longer be available. In short: the Sealcentre is in desparate need of a new blood analysis machine. The Sealcentre wishes to get the URIT Vet Smart-V5, which will cost €14.000. Do you want to support us in the purchase of this essential machine? #GivingTuesday.


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A blood analysis is done on every seal that is admitted into rehabilitation. With these results the treatment is selected. During rehabilitation, extra blood analyses can be done in case an animal is not doing well or to adjust our use of medication. Hence, the main goal of having a blood machine is to allow us to give each seal the best care possible. That is, giving the right kind and amount of treatment this animal need. Since the introduction of this machine in our veterinary work at the centre, it has greatly reduced medication, like antibiotics, use and help us improve the recovery time in the Sealcentre of each seal!

The machine will give us the values of red and white blood cells. Combining this information with our physical examination, we can determine whether a seal has conditions like dehydration, inflammation, infection, anaemia or clotting disorders. It gives us the extra information that is very helpful to orientate diagnosis and guide further necessary treatment. In some cases it's even only by the blood parameters that we were able to figure out what was wrong with the seal. When necessary we can also analyse the blood biochemistry in another machine for other blood parameters. Will you help us in the purchase of a new one?


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This video shows how we use the blood analysis machine.



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