By adopting a seal you support an individual animal through a one-time donation. This way you contribute significantly to its recovery. It’s a very special way to help a seal. With this adoption you will receive an adoption certificate with a picture of your seal and some background information. When the seal is rehabilitated it will be released again. You will receive pictures of the release by e-mail.

Look below for the seals available for adoption and check out their stories. Use the form to make your choice and to adopt.

Do you wish to do more to support your adopted seal? You can also contribute extra to their medication and nutrition, you decide what you would like to give!

Seals for adoption



Found on: June 20th, Groningen
Species: common seal
Rescued because: Cher is a small pup who lost her mother when she was very young. She has a darker fur than most pups, which might indicate that she comes from a British population of seals. Do you "believe" in Cher and think she deserves your support? Then help her by adopting her! 

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Found on: June 18th, Noord-Holland
Species: common seal
Rescued because: Bono was just one week old when he was found along a cycling path. He was laying in a very public spot where he was disturbed by people. This disturbance decreased the chance that his mother will return. With one adoption we can give him fish for one week! Would U2 support this pup? 

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Found on: June 17th on Terschelling
Species: common seal
Rescued because: Janet Jackson was all by herself when she was spotted on the beach. She was in a crowded spot where a lot of tourists would come. When there are a lot of people around a pup, the mother is scared to come close and may leave. Withour her mom Janet would not have made it.

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Found on: May 31th on Groningen coastline
Species: common seal
Rescued because: Prince was one lonely pup when he was found near a harbor. He got an orange spot on his back so he could be observed from a distance to see if his mother would come back. Unfortunately people came near and disturbed the pup and possibly his mother from coming back. 

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Found on: May 24th, Ameland
Species: harbour seal
Rescued because: Shakira is a small pup that lost her mother. She was only three or four days old when she was found on the beach. Shakira was too young to lose her mother. This pup is just as vocal as the famous singer Shakira. Will you support this pup, whenever, wherever?

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Found on: May 23rd, Vlieland
Species: harbour seal
Rescued because: Billie was only a few days old when she was found on the beach of Vlieland. After observation it was clear that the mother was no longer around and Billie needed food. That is why Billie was brought to Pieterburen where she now shares an intensive care unit with Freddie.

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Found on: May 19th, Terschelling
Species: harbour seal
Rescued because: Freddie is the first rescued pup at the Sealcentre this season. He was very little when he was found, he still had his white baby coat. Freddie is now save at the Sealcentre where he will be taken care off so he can grow strong and healthy. Will you support Freddie?

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