By adopting a seal you support an individual animal through a one-time donation. This way you contribute significantly to its recovery. It’s a very special way to help a seal. With this adoption you will receive an adoption certificate with a picture of your seal and some background information. When the seal is rehabilitated it will be released again. You will receive pictures of the release by e-mail.

Look below for the seals available for adoption and check out their stories. Use the form to make your choice and to adopt.

Do you wish to do more to support your adopted seal? You can also contribute extra to their medication and nutrition, you decide what you would like to give!

Seals for adoption

Dr. Alex

Dr. Alex

Found on: March 19th on Ameland
Species: grey seal
Rescued because: Dr. Alex is a young grey seal which got caught in a fishing net. After removal of the net he had a deep wound in his neck. He is being taken care of in a quarantine unit. He is named after dr. Alex Friedrich, a microbiologist in the University Medical Centre in Groningen. 

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Found on: March 18th, Ameland
Species: harbout seal
Rescued because: Luffy is an adult seal and he is quite a big guy. He was found weakened and was injured around the mouth and nose. At the Sealcentre in Pieterburen he has a little pool for himself where he is now being treated and can recover.

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Found on: February 12th, Schiermonnikoog
Species: harbour seal
Rescued because: Joe is less than a year old and was lying on the beach where he caught the attention of passers-by because he barely reacted. Joe had become very ill from a lungworm infection and after a period in intensive care he starts to recover. Will you help Joe with his recovery?

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Found on: February 1st on Schiermonnikoog
Species: grey seal
Rescued because: Vigo is a young seal that was recently left behind by his mother. He was old enough and had to take care of himself. But that is sometimes difficult and Vigo became weakened. That's how he was found on the beach. Will you give Vigo a helping hand?

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Found on: January 31st on Schiermonnikoog
Species: grey seal
Rescued because: Scar was found on the beach, entangled in fishing nets. In his attempts to come loose he became even more entangled.  Scar was very lucky because his wounds were not deep. But if he hadn't been found on time, he would not have survived this.

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