By adopting a seal you support an individual animal through a one-time donation. This way you contribute significantly to its recovery. It’s a very special way to help a seal. With this adoption you will receive an adoption certificate with a picture of your seal and some background information. When the seal is rehabilitated it will be released again. You will receive pictures of the release by e-mail.

Look below for the seals available for adoption and check out their stories. Use the form to make your choice and to adopt.

Do you wish to do more to support your adopted seal? You can also contribute extra to their medication and nutrition, you decide what you would like to give!

Seals for adoption



This young Common seal was found on June the 7th at the Eastcoast of The Netherlands. Ieniemienie is only a week old and she was found without her mother. She would not survive on her own because she was too young. Will you adopt Ieniemienie? 

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Tommie is a Common seal pup found on June 8th. She was all by herself; during a 24 hour observation period she was not visited by her mother. Tommie cannot survive without her when she is just seven days old. Will you give Tommie a second chance?

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Pino is a pup of only a week old. During observations it was clear that her mother did not visit her. She lost a lot of weight because she did not receive food from her mother. She is still too young to survive on her own. Will you help seal Pino?

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Oscar was found on May 25th on the beach of Ameland. He is a healthy pup but too young to survive without his mother. Because she was nowhere to be found Oscar was brought to the Sealcentre where he now will grow big and strong. You can now support Oscar!

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