Update: on February 21 we reached our target amount! That means we can tackle our surgery room. In the meantime we have already received the ultrasound and it is a fantastic improvement. Thank you so much on behalf of all seal nurses and veterinarians for the donations! Your support is greatly appreciated. Would you also like to contribute to the Sealcentre? Our daily work (and costs) continues of course. Through the button below you’ll navigate to our donation page.




Read below for more information about what the Sealcentre uses the surgery room for and why this action has been started.

The Sealcentre is participating again this year with Giving Tuesday* on November 30 2021. This year we are raising money for the surgery room for the seals. This room is in dire need of replacement. 

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On this page you can read more about the surgery room for the seals, the different devices and small equipment that needs to be replaced and how you can help!

Starting with Giving Tuesday, the Sealcentre will be raising money for a specific cause that will benefit the rehabilitation and care of the seals. Last year, with your help, a new blood analysis machine was purchased that is used daily by the veterinarians.  




Surgery room costs:

  • Surgery table: €4,000
  • Surgery lamp: €8,000
  • Chairs: €300
  • Heat blanket: €100
  • Tools: €200
  • Sterilizer: €5,000
  • Ultrasound: €15,000
  • Endoscope: €10,000
  • Rectal probe for pulsioxymeter: €700
  • Ventilator: €5,000


The total costs for the surgery room are €48,300. Will you help us raise this amount? With your contribution, seals will be able to rehabilitate in the future. If you subcribe to our newsletter, we will keep you updated on the progress of the surgery room.


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