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These seals are currently available for adoption. They are working hard on their recovery in the Sealcentre in order to return to the Wadden Sea in good health. With an adoption you contribute an important part to their recovery. Who do you support?

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common seal


Date found: 22-05-2023
Location: Dollard
Rehabilitated because: Orphaned
Ontmoet Goliath, vernoemd naar de poldermolen die in de Eemshaven staat. Goliath is gevonden in de Dollard. Na observatie door een zeehondenwachter werd duidelijk dat zijn moeder niet terug zou komen. Hij kan nog niet voor zichzelf zorgen, daarom is hij naar Pieterburen gebracht. Help jij Goliath herstellen?
common seal


Date found: 21-05-2023
Location: Schiermonnikoog
Rehabilitated because: Orphaned
Seal Wain has been found on Schiermonnikoog. A sealguard came by and took the seal into observation. After 24 hours, the animal was still in the same place and had also lost weight. As at a few days old he was too young to manage on his own, he came to the Sealcentre. Will you help seal Wain gain strength?
common seal


Date found: 19-05-2023
Location: Friesland
Rehabilitated because: Disturbances
Meet Crista, the first pup of the common seal taken in this year. Crista was found by bystanders in the mud, with no adult animal around. The pup seemed too young to fend for herself and so they took her in. As a result, she was so badly disturbed that she had to be taken care of. She got her name from the hooded seal that was on vlieland earlier this year. In fact, Crista is derived from the scientific name of the hooded seal: Cystophora cristata. Do you support seal Crista?

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