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By adopting, you contribute significantly to the pup's recovery process. In doing so, you support our work. Which is much needed. With an adoption subscription, you will be the first to support the first pup of each birthing season to be cared for at Sealcentre Pieterburen. Will you help?

pup gewone zeehond op weegschaal

First seal pup of the season

In summer and winter, our seal centre is extra busy. That is when the birth seasons of the two seal species take place in the Netherlands. In the first three to four weeks, a seal pup cannot yet take care of itself. If mother and pup are disturbed and lose each other, chances are the pup needs to be taken to a seal rehabilitation centre. In de eerste drie à vier weken kan een zeehondenpup nog niet voor zichzelf zorgen. Als moeder en pup verstoord worden en elkaar kwijtraken, dan is de kans groot dat hij naar een zeehondenopvangcentrum wordt gebracht.

Adoption subscription

With an adoption subscription you support a pup in our centre. In summer you adopt the first common seal pup  and in winter you adopt the first grey seal pup. With this adoption, you support an important part of the recovery process of these young animals. And thus the work of Sealcentre Pieterburen.

How it works

As soon as the first pup of the season is taken in at the Sealcentre, you will receive your adoption package at home. We cannot give an exact date when you will receive the package, because of course it varies every year when the first pup arrives.

We debit the costs for these adoptions from your bank account twice a year. We do this by direct debit. In the form you fill in, you give us permission to do so.

Adoption package contents

  • Adoption certificate with photo
  • Information about the seal
  • Photos of the pup's release by e-mail
  • Saving points for a release: with a full savings card (10 points), you can go for free


Do you have questions about the adoption subscription? We might answer them on our frequently asked questionspage. If not, feel free to contact us between 09:00 and 17:00 at or at (+31)595 - 526 526*.

 Please note that outside 09:00 and 17:00, this number transfers to a seal guard on duty to take reports of seals in distress.