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Become a volunteer

Without the efforts of enthusiastic volunteers we would not have been able to do our work as we do it now. Are you interested to join our passionate team? Countless volunteers have gone before you and many left our campus with memories and friends for life. We are looking forward to meeting you too!

Vrijwilligers helpen in de zeehondenzorg

Volunteer in seal care

Volunteering in seal care is an unique opportunity to work with wild animals. It is not necessary to have any specific training or previous experience with animals. Although, of course, it does help. Our requirements are that you are at least 18 years old and available for 8 to a maximum of 24 weeks. In addition, English is our working language, so you must speak and understand that. What is most important is that you are enthusiastic and feel like joining us to help.

Additional volunteer positions

The Sealcentre is way more than a seal hospital. We are also a learning community. As such, we like to share our knowledge with people all over the world. This knowledge goes beyond taking care of individual seals. Therefore we have openings for volunteers in various departments. Think of our visitor centre, the marketing department or the content department. This is often combined with working in seal care. Check below for the possibilities.

  • Volunteering seal care

    We are always looking for volunteers for our seal care department. We would like to work with people who would like to assist our experienced seal care nurses in the daily care and rehabilitation of the sick and injured seals. Are you ready to have a great experience?

  • Volunteering visitor centre

    Our visitor centre is where we inspire and teach people about our work. Volunteers can also help in the visitor centre team. As the centre's host, you learn a lot about the seals. And talk to people who are interested in our work. By teaching visitors, you'll learn even more!

  • Volunteering marketing department

    Our marketing team is constantly working to creatively communicate our mission to our audience; involve them in our work and inspire them to support our mission. Are you curious to know how something like this works?

  • Volunteering programming and content

    Our programming and content department is all about our education. We keep our information up-to-date and that means looking critically at our story every day. So our visitors always get the right information. Does this appeal to you?

    Good to know

    Are you interested in becoming a volunteer at the Sealcentre? Don't hestitate any longer and submit your interest using the form below. We advise you to go through the frequently asked questions. It contains all the important information you need to know in advance. Do you have other questions or remarks? Then please contact the volunteer coordinator Vicky at