Corporate sponsorship at the Sealcentre

Our foundation is completely dependent on volunteers, visitors, donors and sponsors. You can also contribute as a company! For example, you can adopt a seal or go to a sandbank with your employees to collect waste. An unforgettable moment for your employees and an essential contribution to our work.

Grijze zeehonden rusten op het strand, grijze zeehond bananenhouding
Medewerker Zeehondencentrum geeft uitleg over zeehondenzorg

Become a sponsor

As a sponsor of the Sealcentre, you pay a fixed contribution every year. Together with other sponsors, you become part of a network of socially involved companies. Visit the corporate sponsorship page for more information or contact us directly.

Adopt a seal

Does your company want to make a special contribution to a charity? We offer a package that allows you to adopt a seal. This means that you support the full costs of the recovery of one specific seal.

gewone zeehond in opvang rust uit
  • MHC Mobility

    “MHC Mobility is trotse mobiliteitspartner van Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen. Samen gaan we voor een duurzame toekomst.”

Participate in a Wadden Sea beach clean

Are you looking for a fun and impactful activity for your employees? Join a Wadden Sea beach clean. Together with our skipper, you will depart from Lauwersoog harbour on the Happy Seal boat. You sail to one of the sandbanks or to one of the Wadden Sea island shores to pick up litter.

beach clean up schiermonnikoog

Report a seal. Seen a seal in need? Call 144 (24 hours a day available) Read more.