Donate for research of seals in the wild

Dit jaar zamelen we geld in voor het onderzoek in de Dollard. This research underpins the work the seal guards do along the Dutch coast to prevent seals from getting into trouble. We also learn about seal behaviour and the bond between mother seals and their pups through this research. This is incredibly important to learn more about these animals and their habitat: UNESCO World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea.

Onderzoek naar zeehonden in Dollard

The research in the Dollard

The research in the Dollard has been conducted annually since 2015 during the common seal's birthing period. This is from late May to mid-July. During this period, researchers sit with a team of volunteers in all weather conditions and at different times (sometimes as early as 5am) to observe the seals. This is done at a safe distance for humans and animals, from behind the seal viewing wall. Various materials are used for the research (from cameras, to chairs to warm clothing), which are currently in need of replacement. To raise enough money, we are asking for your help. This can be in the form of a sum of money, but you can also donate one of the materials. Individually, or with your company. We are grateful to everyone and all help, big and small. Will you help?

Onderzoeker kijkt door camera voor Dollardonderzoek

Giving Tuesday

From Giving Tuesday on, the Sealcentre starts raising money for a specific cause that benefits the centre and care of the seals. Last year, with your help, the surgery room was renovated. Recently, everything is placed in this room and we can help the seals that need surgery even better and more professionally. The Sealcentre is participating again this year with Giving Tuesday on November 29 2022. This year, we are raising money for research in the Dollard. Many materials used in this are in need of replacement.

Research equipment

This lists contains the equipment that is in need of replacement. You can find a detailed description when you click on the button. 

Equipment costs

  • Snow suits: €800
  • Tripods: €400
  • DSLR (Reflex) camera Nikon: €1,700
  • Compact Nikon Coolpix: €1,400
  • Protective suitcase: €400
  • Lens Nikon compatible: €1,900
  • Waterproof tablet: €2,000
  • Camera protection case: €300
  • Chairs: €240
  • Waterproof folders: €240
  • Waterproof paper: €600
  • Pens and markers: €208

The total cost for these materials is about €10,300 With your donation, you contribute to the research. This way, we learn more about the seal and its habitat and can help both better. Through social media and newsletters, we will keep you informed about this campaign and tell you more about the research. 

Report a seal. Seen a seal in need? Call 144 (24 hours a day available) Read more.