Periodic donation

Humans have a huge impact on nature. Thus, the habitat of the seal. If we want future generations to enjoy this special ecosystem, we must take care of it. For both humans and animals. Because together we are one nature. Your donation contributes to this. 

Grijze zeehond moeder in wild met pup

Support our mission

A healthy seal in a healthy sea is the starting point on which we workevery day. We do this by conducting research, educating future generations on our campus and sharing our knowledge with other centres and institutes.

  • S. van Beek, Groningen

    “I bequeath to Sealcentre Pieterburen because I am touched by the passion and commitment of the people who work there. I think it is important that Pieterburen, in addition to professionally rehabilitating seals, also pays attention to information and research. This completes it for me. The seals and the Wadden Sea have stolen my heart and I am happy to contribute to a healthy future for animals and the sea.” 

Contact us

Do you have any questions or comments about your periodic donation? Please contact our colleague Annika van der Noord. She is happy to help you.

Telephone: (+31) 595 526 526 (available between 09.00 and 17.00)

Practical information

A periodic donation means that you donate a fixed amount annually for a period of at least 5 years. You do not pay taxes on this, because we are a charity with an ANBI status. As a result, your donation, just like with an estate , your legacy is fully used for a good cause.

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