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periodic gift

Gift more without costing you extra money
Benefit for you, for the seals and our work. This is how you help the Sealcentre with periodic donations.

Grijze zeehond moeder in wild met pup

What is a periodic gift and why is it special?

A periodic gift is a form of donation where you donate a fixed amount per year to a charity for a period of at least five years. What makes periodic giving so special? That it is fully deductible from your income tax! Unlike regular donations, where only the contribution above 1% of your aggregate income is deductible, with a periodic gift you can deduct the full amount.

Tax benefit thanks to ANBI status

Sealcentre Pieterburen is recognised by the tax authorities as an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI). This means that no gift tax is levied on your donation. As a result, every euro of your donation goes towards supporting our mission.

How does periodic gifting work?

The principle of a periodic gift is simple: you choose a fixed amount you want to donate annually to the Sealcentre. You donate this amount for a period of at least five years. You have the freedom to determine the amount. And the more you donate, the bigger your tax advantage becomes. In some cases, your benefit can be as much as 50 per cent of the donated amount.

You can download the donation agreement here . We can also send this to you by post. Please contact Annika van der Noord at Then she will send the forms to you as soon as possible and you can fill in the information in a way that suits you.

After you and the Sealcentre have signed the donation agreement, your donation will take into effect. You can choose to transfer the donation yourself or have it debited by direct debit. You indicate this in the agreement. Fill the payment proxy here if you want to do that. 

  • S. van Beek, Groningen

    “I bequeath to Sealcentre Pieterburen because I am touched by the passion and commitment of the people who work there. I think it is important that Pieterburen, in addition to professionally rehabilitating seals, also pays attention to information and research. This completes it for me. The seals and the Wadden Sea have stolen my heart and I am happy to contribute to a healthy future for animals and the sea.” 

    Support our mission in a special way

    Would you like to support Seal entre Pieterburen in a structural and tax-efficient way? Then consider making a periodic donation. This allows you to contribute more without it costing you extra money, while at the same time benefiting from tax advantages. A periodic gift is a powerful way to support our work and contribute to the health of the seals and their habitat: UNESCO World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea.


    Do you have any questions or comments about your periodic donation? Or would you like to gift periodically to Sealcentre Pieterburen. Please contact our colleague Annika van der Noord. She is happy to help you.

    Telephone: (+31) 595 526 526 (available between 09.00 and 17.00)