We are Sealcentre Pieterburen, one of the oldest and best seal rehabilitation centres in the world. On our campus and field station live and work volunteers and researchers from all over the world. By our collective passion and multidisciplinary approach we form a learning community. We transfer our passion to the public and make them aware of our mission.


We believe in a
healthy seal, 
the indicator for
a healthy sea.


For years we have a passion and take care for the seal, including its environment. A clean and healthy Wadden Sea is very dear to us. This unique piece of nature has the title 'World heritage' and we should treat it accordingly; for now, for later and for our children. This puts a great responsibility on as human beings and as a social enterprise. The role of the seal is crucial; it is the indicator of a clean sea. We measure, monitor, rehabilitate and share our knowledge. To keep both the seal and its habitat healthy and to offer our knowledge and expertise internationally. So that can be used worldwide and contribute to a better (marine) world.


  • Create a community / family feeling to encourage collaboration and engagement.
  • Use authority, knowledge and science as a guide to management and conservation.
  • Be flexible and pragmatic to quickly provide help to seals in distress.
  • Take passion as the basis for an authentic, honest and personal story.


How we work-1

We are a knowledge and research institute; we do research on the seal and its habitat. And of course, in order to provide the best possible care for them.

How we work-2

We are an emergency / rescue station; we care and monitor to ensure the welfare of the seals in the Netherlands as much as we can.

How we work-3

We are a sealcentre; we share our knowledge, expertise and experience to stress the importance of healthy seals in a healthy sea.