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Construction World Heritage Centre started

The construction of the new Wadden Sea World Heritage Centre has officially started! Thursday 20 April was the official kick-off. The first pile was placed in the ground. We celebrated this special moment at the construction site in the harbour of Lauwersoog with a gathering of various stakeholders, invitees and those directly involved. We are so proud!

Last updated on 03-07-2023
  • Eerste paal bouw WEC
  • Werelderfgoedcentrum Waddenzee Lauwersoog
  • Helmen op de bouwplaats
  • Niek Kuizenga

    The first pile was driven by someone very special: Ona van Dijk (almost 3 years old). Ona is the daughter of our colleagues Sander van Dijk and Eva Nogue Astier. With this, we want to emphasise that a centre is being built where awareness about the future of the Wadden Sea region for Ona, her generation and the generations after her is central.

    Our director Niek: "At this special place, we will work on a healthy balance between people and nature, for the world of tomorrow. We are doing it for 'Ona', her generation and all generations after her. This centre will be a place where we roll up our sleeves to involve people in our mission with activities, exhibitions and experiences. This way, we want to inspire and activate as many people as possible to do their own bit for a sustainable and healthy Wadden Sea."

    A pledge to the Wadden area

    A glimpse of the new experience: an interactive exhibition that we will open in 2025. With an activity, we guided attendees to a personal promise to the Wadden Sea region for the near future. These promises are linked on site to an old anchor chain. In this way, when the World Heritage Centre opens in two years' time, people will be able to look back on a collection of promises to the Wadden Sea region that have not been forgotten and hopefully even fulfilled


    Follow the construction

    Now the construction started, you can follow the development easily through the 'BouwApp'. How?

    1. Go to your app store to download the BouwApp for free. The app is available for both Android and Apple devices.
    2. Search in the app for 'Werelderfgoedcentrum Waddenzee' or 'WEC'. 
    3. Open the project and hit 'follow'.
    Bouwplaats Werelderfgoedcentrum Waddenzee Lauwersoog

    Or check out the project website of World Heritage Centre Wadden Sea.