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Hooded seal pup not seen

The relocation site is not accessible to public. In collaboration with the ministry, we checked on Tuesday 4 April to see if the pup was still at the location, but there was no sign of it. On Thursday 13 April, there was also no sign of the pup.

Last updated on 03-07-2023
  • Klapmuts jong wordt vervoerd
  • Klapmuts op nieuwe locatie
  • Klapmuts pup in Nederland

    On the morning of Monday 27 March, a hooded cap gave birth to a young on Vlieland beach in the Netherlands. At the request of various authorities, we unfortunately had to move the pup to a quiet nature reserve on Friday, March 31. Therefore, we are cooperating with the ministry to monitor the area and keep an eye on the pup. An observation was conducted at the site on Tuesday 4 April, but the pup was not seen. On Thursday 13 April, there was also no sign of the pup. We therefore suspect that the animal has left, but we continue to monitor the location closely.

    Op dinsdag 4 april is er een observatie uitgevoerd op de locatie, maar de pup werd niet gezien. Op donderdag 13 april was er ook geen teken van de pup. We vermoeden daarom dat het dier vertrokken is, maar we blijven de locatie nauwlettend in de gaten houden.


    Unfortunately, partly at the request of various authorities, we had to relocate the newborn hooded seal to a quiet nature reserve. The mother had left, entirely as expected. The suckling period (which is very short for hooded seals: 4 days) was over. During this period, the pup needs rest. Because of the crowds on the beach and therefore too much disturbance, we were worried about this. One of the precautions we took was to move the pup to a nature reserve where people were not allowed. Here, he could not be disturbed as the area is not open to the public. 

    Klapmuts moeder en pup op vlieland

    Hooded seal mother and pup on Vlieland

    Credits: Gerard Koster Joenje –