Saturday 18 May the first puppy of this summer season was rescued. Cookie is a puppy of the Harbor seal, he was found in the harbor of Lauwersoog, near the harbor port. No mother was spotted in the area, after a few hours of observation it became clear that the situation was too dangerous for such a young seal and it was decided to take him to the Sealcentre.

Cookie is a male seal pup. When he was found he was only a few days old. He even had his umbilical cord still on his tummy! He also had a fur that only the newborn seals have. Cookie weighed 9 kilos and that is very small.

He was found in the water near the fairway. Chances were high that Cookie would get wounded or killed by boats, so Cookie was brought to the Sealcentre.

He will be closely monitored in the coming period. Cookie now receives intensive care in one of the quarantines in the Sealcentre. Because he makes a strong impression, he is in a quarantine where visitors of the center can watch him through a window while sealnurses take care of the little puppy. With the arrival of Cookie, the birth season of the Common seals really started. The next 2 months there will be hundreds of mothers with puppies in several places around the Wadden Sea. The team of the Seal Center hopes that people respect the peace and space of the seals, they really need it to raise their puppies.

Visit Cookie

Would you like to see Cookie? You can of course! You can admire him every day between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.Watch him swim in the pool and play with the other seals! You can also help Cookie to become big and strong by adopting him >>