The seals in Golfbad are awaiting their release. For all our fans, we have a live webcam where  you can watch them 24 hours a day. You can also support them. Did you know an average rehablitation period costs € 3.000 per seal. Would you like to support our work and give these seals a helping hand before return to their natural environment again? Adopt your favourite seal or give him or her a portion fish to eat!



Contribute to their rehabilitation and subsequent release back to the Wadden Sea.

These seals can now be seen on the webcam



Species: common seal
Age upon arrival: ca. 10 months
Date found: April 15th 2022
Location: Terschelling
Rescued because: Severely exhausted, Belize was found along the coast. During his observation it turned out that he was sick and that he would not make it on his own. Fortunately, Belize is now doing a lot better, but he still needs to recover from his parasitic infection. Will you support him?



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