Seal Rehabilitation

During a visit to Sealcentre Pieterburen you can see seals up close and learn more about their care. A seal in rehabilitation goes through 3 phases and is subsequently released. In winter, the centre usually rehabilitates Common seals with lung worm infections or Grey seal pups. In summer, it is mostly the Common seal pups in rehabilitation. These species are never in the same enclosures.

The seals in phase 1 are the most recent arrivals to the Sealcentre. In these small enclosures, the seals can rest and regain some strength. A team of nurses comes by four times a day to feed them and give the animals regular check-ups.

These seals arrive in phase 2 after their stay in the intensive care enclosures, phase 1. The pools are still quite small, allowing the nurses to handle the seals when needed.

After phase 2, the seals go to phase 3. Here, the seals are almost completely recovered. They only need to regain a little more strength before they can be released.