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This is how seals communicate

Do you know how seals communicate? They have their own language and unique sounds. Researcher Andrea spent months researching vocal learning here at the Seal Centre. During your visit, pop on one of the VR glasses to discover how seals communicate with each other.

VR headset in Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen

Vocal learning research

Thanks to Andrea’s study, we now know that seals (pups) have a unique voice. When they are gathered in large groups on the beach, they use their voices to call for their mother. How else would they find each other? To people, the sound pups use can make them seem weak or lost. Seal pups are sometimes even called "howlers". The sound often makes people think that the pups need help.

Nothing could be further from the truth — the pups are just hungry! The mother seal is probably hunting for fish for herself, so she can give milk to her pup again. If you find a pup by itself, the best thing you can do as a human is to keep your distance. This way, the mother feels safe to return to her pup.

"Through research, we discovered that seals (pups) have a unique voice."

Virtual Reality Experience

As soon as the VR glasses are on, you find yourself among the seals; a group mothers with their pups. An exceptional experience not many get to enjoy. Do you know how to behave around seals in the wild? If you do it right, you can enjoy a special moment. Are you making too much noise? Then you will see what a disturbance does to seals in nature. In short, the VR experience isn’t just fun, but also educational!

During your visit, you can learn more about this study, as well as other research in which the Seal Centre played an important role. A visit to our exhibition and the VR experience are both included in your ticket. Seal you soon?