Seals can talk in Pieterburen! Our exhibition “Are you talking to me?” teaches you everything about the language of the seal. In this exhibition, with a unique virtual reality experience, you will discover how seals communicate with each other and that each puppy has its own unique sound. Come by and hear what seals say. You won't believe your ears!

The purpose of the exhibition

The purpose of the exhibition is to prevent a seal pup from being unnecessarily separated from its mother. This way you experience for yourself what can happen if you come close to seals in the wild. You will also learn that seal pups can make sounds almost like humans! At an early age, seal pups learn to make sounds to attract their mother's attention within a large group of pups. The sound of the seal is also experienced as 'crying', especially when it seems that they have lost their mother. But, good to know, usually the seal is not as helpless as it seems. Often the mother is only gone for a little while to catch some fish.

Virtual reality experienceExpositie are you talking to meBekijk de zeehonden op een afstandje


Virtual reality experience

Through a virtual reality experience you will discover in a spectacular way the UNESCO World Heritage of the Wadden area - the habitat of the seals. The moment the VR glasses go on, you are among the seal mothers and pups on the beach. It is both a fun and an important educational experience. Because with our VR glasses on you will learn what to do if you see a puppy on the beach. And also what not to do. You experience the effect of the noise and the disturbance of humans on the seals in nature.


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