When you have passed the seals' baths, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of the Wadden Garden. A wild and colorful field full of plants and flowers from the region, which has been laid out on what used to be a piece of salt marsh. Complete with a restored gazebo (stream). A short walk takes you along various plants such as the Margriet, different clover species, Downy Klit or the Kleine Ratelaar. And maybe you will also discover the Chicory, which used to be used as surrogate coffee, the Purple morning star, the Hairy fireweed or the Bevernel! The Wadden Garden changes throughout the year, with most flowers in bloom in spring and summer. In addition, you can see reeds and other wild plants growing in various places, often sharing wetlands near the pool. The bulb field, which has been sown with Spelled, Cornflower and Papaver, cannot be missed in this authentic garden.

The Wadden Garden has been part of the Sealcentre since 2017. With this, the center wants to establish a connection between the seal and its natural habitat, the Wadden Sea. 

Wadden playground 

From the garden you can walk straight to the Wadden Playground, this is a playground with gazebos and islands where ebb and flow are imitated. Take off your shoes, because the adventure can begin! Climb to the other side with the ropes and catch small animals in the water with a fishing net. There is a place to rinse yourself off again. In the meantime, parents can take a seat on the terrace at the Summer Pavilion with a view of the Wadden Playground and Wadden Garden or of course play along. 


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