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In 50 years, we have become the most advanced seal hospital of Europe and an international scientific institute. Science is our guiding principle. We study the seal and its natural habitat, with a focus on prevention. We protect the seal in the wild by preventing problems and preserving its habitat—the Wadden sea. Now and in the future. And our knowledge? We share it with whomever will hear it.

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zeehondenziekenhuis operatie van een zeehond


There is no other place in Europe where the care for marine mammals is as specialized as in our centre. With our strict protocols and expert knowledge of seals, we are the most advanced seal hospital of Europe. We don’t just focus on the individual animal, but on their environment too. How we do our work? We would love to show you.


Every day, we work to prevent seals from getting into trouble. The national rehabilitation policy is shifting—slowly, but surely—towards "prevent as much as you can, rehabilitate if you must". Because prevention is key. Seal guards play an important role in this. They are our ears, eyes, and voice along the Dutch coast.

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Science institute

Seal Centre Pieterburen is a science institute. Thanks to scientific research, we can provide our patients with the best care available. It does not stop there, because we try to look further. Through these studies, we gain new insights into the state of the (Wadden) sea and her inhabitants. Their health can tell us something about our own health as well. De knowledge we gain is invaluable. That is the reason we want to share it with everyone.

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