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Thanks to our work over the last 50 years, we know so much more about life in the Wadden Sea. The seal is one of the indicators of the Wadden Sea, and we see the Wadden Sea as an indicator of the total ecosystem. The system that we as humans share with the seal. We are a knowledge institute. Only by conducting research we learn what needs to be done for a sustainable future. We like to roll up our sleeves and share our knowledge. Find out what scientific insights we collect.

Resistance to antibiotics

Antibiotics are less and less effective for us humans; the bacteria that make us sick have built up a resistance to antibiotics. Did you know that there are also antibiotics-resistant bacteria in the Wadden Sea? We conduct research into this because it also affects marine life.

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The Dollard

Every year, our researchers Bea and Marga and their team of volunteers study the behaviour of seal mothers and their pups. Their research provides a unique insight into the bond between mother and pup, as well as the other seals that live in the area. These studies take place in the Dollard, a bay in the estuary of the Ems river. From behind the observation wall, we study the seals’ behaviour from a distance. A perfect place to conduct field research!

Learn about our methods and most important insights

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Seals can get sick, too. One of ways they get sick, is from viral infections. Some viruses are mild, but there are also more deadly seal viruses. By researching this, we try to get a better understanding of the processes in the Wadden Sea. Find out more about viruses in the Wadden Sea.

Plastic soup

You've probably heard of plastic soup before. Plastic waste is a big problem for our oceans and marine life. We see more and more seals that get entangled in marine plastic waste. Over the past 11 years, the number of reported entanglements quadrupled. But what exactly is plastic soup and why does it pose a problem for the seas and oceans? We tell you more about the origin, cause, and consequences of plastic soup.

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