A blind seal has been seen in the Dollard for several years. This common seal named Blind is missing her right eye and has a small blue left eye. In 2018, our researchers saw her for the first time with a pup. Blind has a yellow tag in her hind flipper. This means she used to be in a rehabilitation centre, or was part of a study that catches and tags wild animals.

kijkwand dollard

Blind seal, but still pregnant

Blind is a blind seal first seen by our researchers in 2018 in the Dollard. She is a healthy seal. We recognise this by several things. For example, she is the same size as other seals. She has been pregnant every year since 2018 (which could not have happened if she was not physically strong enough). In addition, her behaviour is no different from the other seals in the Dollard. Despite being unable to see anything, Blind is a good mother: she always finds her pups, they get plenty of attention and are as large as the other seal pups. 

But, how does a blind seal actually survive in the wild?

blinde zeehond in het wild
blinde zeehond tot 2016
blinde zeehond tot 2018

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