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It often happens that people want to help a seal that appears to be in distress, themselves. Despite good intentions, it often actually causes problems. Such was the case with seal pup Dumbo. 

verstoring door mevrouw

Report of a pup

In 2021, a report of a pup came in. The mother was still around, there seemed no reason for immediate intervention. Therefore, the person who made the report was instructed to keep walking, so that mother and pup were not disturbed. However, a seal guard would stop by to assess the situation.

Pup orphaned by disturbance

A second report soon arrived: a woman had the pup in her arms and was walking away with it. Bystanders told her to leave the animal alone, but she kept holding it. With help of the police, the woman released the pup after 1.5 hours. Unfortunately, that was far too long and the animal had to be taken to Pieterburen. During the intake, he was found to be in good health. The pup was named Dumbo. If the instructions were followed, Dumbo could probably have stayed with his mother in the wild.

pup verweest door verstoring vrouw