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Entangled grey seal: Scar

Grey seal Scar had become entangled in a net. He was about two months old when he was brought to us. Our colleague's research into seal entanglements  shows that young grey seals are most often entangled. At this age, they are very curious. Not just to other animals. Also, to litter lying around, such as fishing nets or ropes. Once entangled, it is often impossible to free yourself.

zeehond verstrikt in visnet

Consequences of entanglement

During the intake of Scar, the net and rope were cut loose. It was tied tightly around him, but fortunately hadn't caused any deep wounds yet.

zeehond losgesneden uit visnet

Inflammation in the bone

After a few days, it became clear that Scar did not want to use his front left flipper. That often means it hurts. In cases like this, our vets take x-rays to find out what's going on. But these photos did not show any noticeable deviations, so the answer was still awaited.

On the second set of X-rays, we saw signs of inflammation in the bone. To counteract the inflammation, another treatment was used for Scar.

Small steps to the Wadden Sea

In these types of patients, recovery always takes a little longer. Scar was no exception. His recovery went with ups and downs. For example, after an unexpected weight loss, he was moved back to phase 1. In such an indoor pool, the vets cannot see whether his weight loss has a medical cause or not.

It took almost a month for him to get better. But even slow improvement is a step forward. Thanks to the good care, Scar was ready to be released again after four months. Back to the Wadden Sea. Where he belongs.