Lisa Rademaker

Nationaliteit: Nederlands
Werkt hier sinds: 2009
Werkt hier omdat: Ik studeerde Dier Management in Leeuwarden. Ik wou graag iets met dieren doen, het allerliefst met paarden. Maar toen ik via vrienden hoorde dat er een vacature open stond bij het Zeehondencentrum, hoefde ik niet lang na te denken. Nu, jaren later, ben ik nog steeds zo blij dat ik heb gesolliciteerd. Zeehonden zijn prachtige dieren! 


Pam van Eekelen

Nationaliteit: Nederlands
Werkt hier sinds: 2019
Werkt hier omdat: Ik hou al zolang ik mij kan herinneren van dieren en specifiek de oceaan. Het beschermen hiervan vind ik dan ook heel belangrijk en daarom wou ik graag ergens werken waardoor ik hieraan bij kan dragen. Dat kan hier op veel verschillende manieren: niet alleen door het verzorgen van zeehonden, maar ook door bezoekers te informeren over de dieren en hun leefgebied! 

Ellen Bakker

Nationaliteit: Dutch
Working here since: 2019
Werkt hier omdat: I have loved animals and especially the ocean for as long as I can remember. Protecting this is very important to me and that's why I wanted to work somewhere where I can contribute to this. This can be done at the Sealcentre in many different ways: not only by taking care of seals, but also by informing visitors about the animals and their habitat!


Liselotte Jansen

Nationaliteit: Dutch
Working here since: 2005
Werkt hier omdatI have been crazy about seals since I was 4 years old and always wanted to work with them. When I was 19 years old I got the opportunity to do my internship here and I felt at home right away, I knew that this was what I wanted to do, work with wild sealsSometimes animals come in very bad and it's doubtful whether they will make it, they look bad and have little energy. But then suddenly there is a turnaround, you see life in their eyes again, they have the will to fight. That moment is the best part of my work, the moment you see that they are going to make it!


Beatriz Rapado Tamarit

Nationaliteit: Spanish
Working here since: 2011
Werkt hier omdat: I came to volunteer in the center 11 years ago because it gave me the opportunity to work with wild animals and improve my English skills. Once I experienced working with seals on a daily basis I fell in love with the place, the animals and the passion that all my colleagues share for their job. The best part of it is being able to work with the seals in the hospital environment as well as learn about them in the wild thanks to the research I conduct in the Dollard area, one of the breeding spots of harbour seals in the Netherlands.


Emmy Venema

Nationaliteit: Dutch
Working here since: 2017
Werkt hier omdat:I have always been working with animals, both domestic and wild, but never with marine mammals. When there was a vacancy I immediatly signed up for it, because i thought it would be amazing to rehabilitate wild animals and being able to release these same animals back to their natural habitat. It’s a very fulfilling and rewarding job to help animals in need and at the same time educate people on how to behave amongst animals and their environment.

Judith van der Wal

Nationaliteit: Dutch
Working here since: 2021
Werkt hier omdat: I was connected through the organisation World Heritage Centre Wadden Sea. I really wanted to contribute to the health of the world. Sustainability and nature conservation is really important to me. And I wanted to work for an organisation who finds that important. I love the versatility. Besides marketing and communication I do also graphic design. The people I work with are awesome and of course the seals as well. 


Arjen van Wijk

Nationaliteit: Dutch
Working here since: 2022
Werkt hier omdat: I am retired but still wanted to have something to do and this seemed like a good challenge, as it turned out to be. I have been working in the hospitality field for years, which means I like the whole package and making people happy!



Dana Lanier

Nationaliteit: United States of America
Vrijwilliger in: 2022
Werkt hier omdat: I wanted to learn about seals, for potential research with colleagues on using drones to help with disentanglements. Currently I use drone to help locate manatees needing help in Florida. Best thing about the job is no day is ever completely the same.  New pools to clean, new things to learn. When you think you "know it all", something completely new comes at you.


Miari Young

NationaliteitBritish (United Kingdom) 
Vrijwilliger inI first began volunteering here in September 2020
Werkt hier omdatBefore coming to the Sealcentre, I had studied and worked in seal research. During Covid-19, I decided that I wanted to do something a bit different. I was very interested in gaining some more hands-on experience in a rehabilitation setting. Needless to say, I very quickly fell in love the centre; the seals, the people and the work. Although I had originally intended to stay only 10 weeks, I am still here! I really enjoy being part of the Dollard Research Team. It is such a privilege to be able to see these incredible animals in the wild, and study their behaviour. The research that is done here is so important, not only for the centre, but for all seals in the Waddenzee. I am honoured to be a part of the work.