martina zilian 2Martina Zilian from Germany - Local volunteer

"My name is Martina, from Germany, I am a Volunteer at the Sealcentre Pieterburen since 2018. For me it is one of the best places to be! I am working as a volunteer in the Visitors centre/Education department. My application was founded on my experiences as a visitor where I had always unbelievable and great moments in the Sealcentre, made possible by all the warm and friendly people who are working there. I decided then I wanted to give something back to them…

What am I doing? I am supporting the team in the Visitor centre with a helping hand where it is needed. I give German language tours behind the scenes and explain what it takes to rehabilitate seals...

In addition to this I give presentations at feeding times and I am talking with the people to answer their questions about seal rehabilitation, the seals and their natural environment. So I have a lot of contact with the visitors.

The visitor centre is the first Step into- and the last Step out- of the Sealcentre. It is the first and the last impression people take home. We want to create a great day, full of new and interesting information for them. It is always a pleasure to make the people feel welcome and happy, and to awaken their awareness for the natural environment of the seals, and how everyone can contribute to a cleaner sea. I am of course a passionate seal fan. If I manage to pass on some of this enthusiasm, and fascination for seals, and for the Sealcentre Pieterburen, onto the visitors, aswell as put a smile on their faces, then it was a good and successful day for me – all of this always with a front row view“ on these great animals! Sometimes it happens that I am also be allowed to be respectfully/safely closer to the seals...And let´s be honest: Who can look into these eyes without falling in love forever?

martina zilianI enjoy working side by side with the great team of the Visitor centre team / Seal Nurses / Vets / Volunteers / Research team and all the people who are working in and around the Communications department. Everyone is working hard and doing a great job to rehabilitate the seals and to offer nice activities to the visitors. Supporting the collegues of course includes sharing duties as cleaning and keeping the Visitor centre tidy and nice as well as filling up soap and the boards in the shop. In addition I support the other departments of the Sealcentre whenever its needed. I am very proud to be a small part of this great and passionate community of adorable international people, all giving their best day by day. Everyone in place with a lot of different skills and knowledge to make this work possible: Saving our seals and contributing to a better world. I am always learning new things, trying out different skills and personally developing myself here to reach new horizons.

Thank you Sealcentre Pieterburen, so very much!"

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