Plastic soup presentation by Nils Greskewitz

Van 10 juni 12:30 tot 14:00
+31(0)595 526526 (9:00-17:00 uur)

Every month Nils sets off with a group of volunteers to make our Wadden Sea a little cleaner. He is also intensively involved in research into the effects of plastic. He does this for the Big Microplastic Survey.  It was also Nils who had a big role in the coast cleanings after the disaster with MSC Zoe and he is the initiator of the monthly beach clean ups at Lauwersoog and its surroundings.

Nils is very passionate about animal welfare, conservation and our oceans. In this presentation he will tell about his work at the Sealcentre and the consequences of plastic soup for seals and all other sealife. He will also give you a view on all that happened behind the scenes after the disaster with MSC Zoe. 

The presentation is English spoken and held in the MSC Zoe exhibition in the summer pavilion at the Sealcentre. Entrance is free for visitors of the Sealcentre.

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