Imagine ... the wind in your hair, the sun on your face. Seals rest further back or swim curiously to take a look at the ship you are on... Come on board and explore the Wadden Sea with us. There are various boat excursions. Select a date to see what's available for that day and book your seats online. Is a date not selectable? Either there is no boat trip on that day or the trip is already booked out.

Discover the Wadden Sea

This voyage of discovery by ship takes you along the sandbanks, while the captain tells you everything about the ebb and flow of the tide, seals and porpoises. Later he drops anchor and you disembark. Depending on wind and weather conditions, this will be possible on the Engelsman Plateau, the Rif or on the western tip of the island of Schiermonnikoog. Take a nice stroll here. Sometimes you come across banks of mussels, fields of mud or beautiful washed-out creeks. But maybe you'd prefer to take a dip in the sea? Or would you like to look for crabs, mussels and oysters? Everything is possible! On the way there you will receive information about this special nature reserve  which has the World Heritage status. Did you know that our Wadden Sea is the largest tidal area in the world and that animals from all over the world come here for breeding or resting? Accompanied by a guide, you will experience this area from its most beautiful side. Tickets are available for 35 euros per person.

Releasing seals

To monitor their health, the seals are weighed weekly and the results and all medical information are entered in the patient's file. When the seals are strong and healthy again, the vets will set the date of release. These are the most beautiful moments in their work for all employees of the Sealcentre, and you can experience it up close! You go by ship from the port of Lauwersoog out to a sandbank in the Wadden Sea. Since only a small number of people can join, the atmosphere during the release is very intimate. You can enjoy this amazing moment in peace and quietness when the seals are released back into the wild. Tickets are available for 65 euros per person, 55 euros for children aged 0-12.




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