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    We can train seal guards and deploy them along the Dutch coast.

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    You help us in preventing wild seals from getting into trouble.

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    You support seals in rehabilitation, so they get the specialised help they need to recover and go back to the Wadden Sea.

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    You support our research into seals and the Wadden Sea.

Seal, Sea, Science.

We are convinced that healthy seals and a healthy sea are inextricably linked. Researchers in our sanctuary study what we can learn from this principle – for the seal, for our sea and for our own health. You can support our work with a visit or a donation. Every contribution counts. Are you in?

The best care for seals
When we started in 1971, seals were almost extinct in the Netherlands. Seals have since been removed from the red list of threatened mammals. We prefer seeing seals in freedom and in their place in the Wadden Sea. We owe this success largely to the tireless contributions of professionals, volunteers and donors. Unfortunately, there will always be seals in need of help, for example because they have become entangled in litter. If necessary, the animals are taken to our centre. Veterinarians, carers and volunteers are ready to help them there. Our dedicated team buckles down to its work every day.

Een gezonde zeehond in een gezonde zee word donateur
  • "I support the Sealcentre because, as a donor, I can see what happens with my donation and I am so well involved in developments."

  • "What I like most about the centre is that it has been supported by volunteers and donors for so many years." 

  • "The conservation of the Wadden Sea and seals is important. You cannot have one without the other: healthy habitat, healthy seals. This requires research (and that costs money) hence the support."

Help ons als donateur

We do not receive subsidies, so we are completely dependent on donations, entrance fees, and legacies. Thanks to your support, we can continue to do our work. Would you like to help?

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Report a seal. Seen a seal in need? Call 144 (24 hours a day available) Read more.