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The Sealcentre’s store

Immediately upon entering our visitor centre, you find yourself in our store. A paradise for anyone who loves seals. Our store offers something for every age and every budget. Our shelves are full of stuffed animals, clothes, and souvenirs. Everything in the same theme: seals. Nice to take home for yourself or to give as a gift. Not just that, but with each purchase you support our work and the seals in the rehabilitation centre.

De winkel van het Zeehondencentrum


We do our best to select the items in our shop as carefully as possible. This means that products do not travel a great distance to reach us, and that they are produced with sustainable and local materials as much as possible. For example, we offer a collection of plushies that are made from recycled plastic, and we sell hats that are produced from marine plastic waste.

Spreekbeurtpakketten (dutch only)

Onze spreekbeurtpakketten zijn weer beschikbaar. In een nieuw jasje! Houd jij een spreekbeurt over zeehonden, zeehondenopvang of misschien plastic soep? Bestel via deze pagina je spreekbeurtpakket! Of download ze gratis. 


Do you have a question or comment about our shop? We'd love to hear it! Feel free to send an email to