Children's party at Sealcentre Pieterburen

You can celebrate the best children's party at Sealcentre Pieterburen. During the party, you will learn everything about seals. How cool is that? Someone from the Seal Rescue Team gives a presentation about the seals in the rehabilitation and in the wild. Of course, a party also includes a treat and playing outside. Playing around: that is possible in our Wadden playground.

The children's party needs to be booked in advance. For questions or to make a reservation, send an email to  

Medewerker Zeehondencentrum geeft presentatie aan kinderen

Kids tour

Join us on the tour and take a look behind the scenes! You will learn how we help a seal when it comes into our care. And you will understand how a seal is moved: from animal ambulance to intake room to phase 1 enclosure. But of course your knowledge will also be tested. Will you help us during the intake? Together with one of our staff members you perform an intake with a seal seal stuffy. This way, you will also work in our seal hospital for a short time! After the intake, you will also take a look at the phases 1, 2 and 3 pools from behind the ropes, where ordinary visitors are not allowed. Someone from the Seal Rescue Team will tell you all about the seals, the hospital and how we prevent seals from entering the hospital.

Playing at the Wadden playground

Is the sun shining? Then take off your shoes: time to play at the Wadden playground. Here you can play in the sand and water. Clamber from island to island on the ropes or catch small water creatures with a fishing net.

Included in the package

  • Invited children and accompanying adults pay €13,- per person

  • Participation in "children's tour" activity

  • Gift for the birthday kid

Note: A minimum of 6 children applies to this package, excluding the birthday person.

Plan your children's party

The children's party must be celebrated within our opening hours. You can do that on:

  • Wednesday
  • Friday
  • Saturday


Ready for the best children's party in the province of Groningen? For questions or to make a reservation: send an email to

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