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We are the seal hospital of Europe. Would you like to know how we work? Discover it on this page. 

zeehond krijgt medicatie

A day in seal care

The seal care schedule starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 11 p.m. No two days are the same. Our seal care nurses and volunteers work hard every day to provide the best care for the seals in rehabilitation. The seals need to be fed, medicated, medically checked, and the pools need to be cleaned. We invite you to experience our work up close.

How we work

Our protocols

How do we proceed

Interior seal hospital

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What do we give the seals

verschillende soorten patienten in het zeehondenziekenhuis

Different kinds of patients

Before the seal arrives at the sealcentre, the vet often already has an idea of the type of patient we are dealing with. This is possible because of the consultation she has already had with a seal guard who collected the animal.

During the year, we receive different types of patients. Although cases are always treated individually, we can place almost all patients in one of these categories.

Special cases

To make sure everything runs smoothly, we have guidelines that we follow at work. Just like in a human hospital, each seal receives an individual diagnosis. This way, we can provide the best care for them. Our nurses work according to the same rules, so that they can do their work safely.

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