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With your donation to Sealcentre Pieterburen, you contribute to a sustainable future of the (natural habitat of the) seals in the Netherlands. Below you will find practical information you need to do this and we answer a number of frequently asked questions.

Twee gewone zeehondenpups begroeten elkaar in het water

How can I apply for a periodic donation?

You can download the donation agreement here . We can also send this to you by post. Please contact Annika van der Noord at Then she will send the forms to you as soon as possible and you can fill in the information in a way that suits you.

How does a periodic donation to the Sealcentre work?

After you and the Sealcentre have signed the donation agreement, your donation will take into effect. You can choose to transfer the donation yourself or have it debited by direct debit. You indicate this in the agreement. Fill the payment proxy here if you want to do that.

Donate with a tax benefit

You can use the extra tax benefit when you file your tax return. You determine the amount of your gift and thus the amount of the benefit. The higher the amount of donation, the higher the amount you can deduct from the taxable income. The entire amount of your donation is deductible from your taxable income. The tax authorities pay a large part of your gift.

Calculation example for regular donation

Below, we give an example of what such a tax refund could look like. You can take advantage of the tax benefit yourself or donate this benefit to the Sealcentre. The refund depends on your personal (income) situation.

Benefit for the Sealcentre

Gift netto


You give




Benefit for yourself

You give






Do I have to pay tax on my donation?

The Sealcentre is an ANBI institution. This means that we do not have to pay taxes on donations. In the Netherlands, inheritance tax is calculated on a regular donation. Charities such as the Sealcentre are exempt from inheritance tax. This way you can be sure that the entire amount of your donation fully contributes to our work.

How do I know that my donation will be put to good use?

Sealcentre Pieterburen is a Recognized Charity. This means that we meet strict quality requirements. Supervisor CBF checks this. This way you can be sure that we contribute to a better world, handle the money we receive with care and are accountable. Would you like to know more about the quality requirements and the inspection by the CBF? Check it out here:

What will my donation be used for?

Can I request a brochure with additional information?

Thinking about making a donation? You want to take the time for that. That is why we have put together a brochure with information about what your regular donation contributes to and all the necessary data. We can send it to you by post, or email it to you as a PDF. Fill in the form below to make your choice.

Can I call or email about my regular donation?

Determining whether you want to make a donation is not just a choice. It is therefore logical that you first want to get to know us a little better before making such a decision. Our colleague Annika van der Noord is happy to have a personal conversation with you. This can be done by telephone or by e-mail.

Telefoon: 0595 – 526 526 (bereikbaar tussen 09:00 en 17:00 uur)

"I'll be happy to help you. Let's go through all your wishes and questions in a conversation, so that you can make an informed decision. Of course I would also like to explain to you what it means if you donate to the Seal Center periodically. With this you not only support the seal, but also the coastal area and the sea in the Netherlands." 

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