The Sealcentre in Pieterburen is easily accessible by car and public transport. The address of the Sealcentre is:

Hoofdstraat 94a
9968 AG Pieterburen

Route by car

The Sealcentre is located in the small town of Pieterburen, in the north of the province of Groningen, and is accessible via the N361. From Leeuwarden direction Lauwersoog, and from Groningen direction Winsum. From there, the Sealcentre is clearly indicated. There is a big parking lot (free of charge) next to the Sealcentre where you can park easily.

Public transport

From the NS-station in Groningen you take the Arriva train (direction Roodeschool) to station Winsum. Next to the Winsum train station there is a bus stop where you take Bus 68 (direction Leens via Pieterburen) to Pieterburen, and get off at bus stop ‘Pieterplein’. From there it is a 1-2 minute walk to the Sealcentre.


Take extra travel time into account during the summer holidays!


The N361 between Groningen and Lauwersoog is the  usual route for motorists from Groningen to drive to the Sealcentre in Pieterburen. This summer holiday - from July 15th to August 23rd - part of this road is blocked between Groningen and Sauwerd.

From Groningen, the start of the Provincialeweg to the Munnikeweg in Adorp is completely blocked for traffic in both directions. Traffic is diverted from Groningen via the N355. Car traffic then goes through Aduard, Roodehaan and Mensingeweer in the direction of Pieterburen. If this route is followed, this means an additional travel time of approximately 12 minutes from Groningen.