15 to 30 october

Sealcentre Pieterburen is the seal hospital in Europe. During your visit you will see the daily care of the seals in the three different phases of the rehabilitation of a seal. You will also get to know the Seal Rescue Team and learn everything about the seal and their habitat, UNESCO World Heritage the Wadden Sea. Seal you soon?





During the holiday we organize extra activities every day! Watch, learn, and join us. 

In our exhibition

Virtual Reality experience: In 2019 MSC Zoe lost 342 containers. As a result, all kinds of (dangerous) substances ended up in, among other things, the North Sea and the Wadden Sea, which posed a major threat to life in the sea, as well as for the seal. The Sealcentre has organized several clean-ups and various works of art have been made from the collected waste, which you can view in the temporary exhibition.

sharon presentatie 

Shows and presentations

Free the seal: In this activity, a visitor center employee shows you all about the work of a seal guard. An entangled seal is reported, but how should we help him? And if the animal is brought to the centre, how does that work? Observe and learn!

 Ontdek wat een Zeehondenwachter doet in Pieterburen

DIZkoffer show: An employee tells everything about seals, based on the 'the Dizkoffer'. This is a suitcase (koffer = suitcase in Dutch) filled with a skull, whiskers and even a piece of sealskin. Everything can be touched and you discover how a seal really feels.

Feeding presentation: Watch how our team feeds the seals. Every seal has an unique recovery process. Some need a little more help with their food than others. Our colleagues can exactly explain to you what is happening.

visje geven

Test your knowledge and participate in one of our quizzes

Become a seal expert and get your diploma: The Sealcentre cannot do its job without the seal nurses. With the help of a video and a quiz you can become a seal expert too. Afterwards you will receive your own certificate to show at home!

The Seal Quiz: There are two types of seals in the Netherlands: the common and the grey seal. On a large screen, an employee explains exactly what the difference is between the two. Can you recognize them? After this quiz, yes!

The Pup Quiz: Did you pay attention during your visit? Then you could just win this pub quiz! Compete with others and find out who knows the most about seals.

Zeehondenquiz presentatie Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen


You can now combine a visit to the Sealcentre with a visit to DoeZoo in Leens. For only €14.50 you can experience the best educational outing in Groningen! DoeZoo Leens and Sealcentre Pieterburen have been voted the best days out in the province of Groningen in 2022. Seal you soon!

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