There are many cases in which a seal report ends well. A seal pup was reported in the Dollard. Our stranding coordinator went to check on the pup and marked the animal with an orange colour for easy observation. Bystanders were requested to keep at least 30 metres away and our research team in the Dollard was also informed about the animal.

zeehonden pup op het gras

No reason to intervene through observation

The next morning, they looked again at the spot where the pup was lying. There, they found two tracks: one of the pup, as well as one of an adult animal. The research team was also observing seals that day. Gues what they saw from behind the viewing wall? The marked pup with an adult female seal swimming together! Both pup and adult seal looked fine.

No cause for alarm. Great to see that things worked out so well for this pup after all. All thanks to the efforts of seal guards working with strict observation rules.

zeehondenpup herenigd met moeder

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