To monitor their health, the seals are weighed weekly and the results and all medical information are entered in the patient's file. When the seals are strong and healthy again, the vets will set the date of release. These are the most beautiful moments in the work for all employees of the Sealcentre, and you can experience that moment too! You leave by ship from the port of Lauwersoog to a sandbank in the Wadden Sea. Since only a small number of people can join, the atmosphere during the reintroduction is very intimate. You can enjoy this great moment in peace and quietness when the seals are released back into the wild.

Good to know

Because of the tides, the vets coordinate the date and time with the captain. The releases always take place at low tide, so that the sandbank can be entered. Is a date not visible in the calendar? Then this boat excursion is already fully booked. Tickets can only be booked online and cost € 75 per person for adults and € 65 for each child aged 0-12. We do not recommend taking children under the age of 4 on this excursion.