Hey? What do we see there? A seal in De Onlanden?

A seal spent a good week in Drenthe. The animal was first spotted in the Peizerdiep. That was of course already very special! Some time later, he settled in the nature reserve called De Onlanden. Because he was often on dry land, we managed to get a good picture of him from a considerable distance. Guess what: it's an old acquaintance of ours!

The seal has a tag with number 20-115. That's how we knew it was the seal Thor. In addition to the tag number, this has also been confirmed by our researchers Bea, Marga and Eva. Thanks to their research in the Dollard , every seal that has been in the centre has been photographed and identified by their spot patterns.

zeehond thor in de onlanden

A seal in fresh water

Seal Thor did well in De Onlanden. So there was no reason to move it. The Sealcentre has good contact with the forest rangers of the area. As long as Thor is doing well, both agencies consider it a valuable addition to the area. Above all, a sign that nature in the Onlanden is doing well! After several days, there was no sign of Thor anymore. He must have found his way back on his own.

Thor was previously in rehabilitation

Thor was in our care in 2020. On June 25, 2020, he was found orphaned in Friesland as a pup less than a week old. His mother turned out not to return after observation and that is why it was then decided to take care of him in Pieterburen. On October 14, he was released into the Wadden Sea from the Kuipersplaat. He got the name Thor from the people who adopted him.

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