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martina zilian  Martina Zilian from Germany - Associate/support lecturer and consultant

"My name is Martina, from Germany, I am a Volunteer at the Sealcentre Pieterburen since 2018. For me it is one of the best places to be! I am working as a volunteer in the Visitors Centre/Education department. My application was founded on my experiences as a visitor where I had always unbelievable and great moments in the Sealcentre, made possible by all the warm and friendly people who are working there. I decided then I wanted to give something back to them…


mila virola

Mila Varola from Italy - Postgraduate in Marine Biology

"I joined the Seal Centre team from November 2018 until the end of February 2019. As a volunteer, I lived in the campus with other people, who turned out to be some of the best mates I’ve ever met. Living in campus for me meant being a part of a big family and the place itself is just next to the seal center, so it was awesome to have breakfast with the amusing view of seals chilling in the pools...



merle schiebergen

Merle Schiebergen from The Netherlands - Professional dancer

"In my daily life I am a professional dancer, something totally different from animal care. I’ve always loved animals and nature and I think the world of the sea is so mysterious and incredible, that is why I wanted to go to Pieterburen and work with/learn about these cute looking but wild animals! We started with a training week, which in short was a week full off new information and impressions, the new living situation and a lot of new people! When all is new, of course it takes a bit of time to settle... 


annemarieAnneMarie van der Wurf from the Netherlands - Local volunteer

"January 2010 I came in as a volunteer in the Sealcentre here in Pieterburen. It was a harsh winter.The centre was overcrowded with seals.That`s the reason why they asked people from the area to help, one or two days weekly. This was my chance to work with wild animals, also for my study as a naturopathic for animals. I visit the centre a year before when I had one of my traineeships in a Practice for Farm Animals. It was a suprise that the vet told me we had to go right away to the centre cause the first premature pup was brought in...



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Available positions

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What others say...

What others say...

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